Why pruning your plants and trees is important?

Pruning is one of the most important things to do when to ensure the health and appearance of your
plants and trees. Pruning affects the plant’s size, shape, quality and the overall health. Here are five
reasons why you should prune your plants and the importance of it:

1. Protects plant health:
Pruning your branches will allow better air flow and light reaching the centre of the plant,
which will help reduce fungal disease and help keep your plant’s limbs alive. If you do not
prune, you will allow viruses, bacteria and fungus to reach your plant. Removing branches
that are rubbing against each other will prevent the branches or plants to become damaged.

2. Plant appearance:
By pruning your plants, you ensure that it will look neat and tidy and limit the overall size or
direction of the plant’s growth – this way you can limit it to where you want it to grow.
Pruning out old plants encourages new, more attractive stem growth and bigger flowers.

3. More fruit:
Pruning fruit trees is very important if you want to get quality fruit production. It encourages
more consistent fruit from a tree. Pruning every year will give your trees thicker branches,
making them stronger to hold the weight of the fruit and keeping the tree shorter will make
the fruit easier to harvest.

4. Tree growth and structure:
With proper pruning, trees can be made to grow into a certain configuration of limbs and
branches. Maintaining the tree’s structure will help prevent the risk of broken limbs and
falling branches. The overall look of the tree can also be improved through pruning.

5. Environmental Health:
Pruning can give other plants the rain and light they need to be healthy and can also kill
unwanted pests and insects. Therefore, pruning not only prevents diseases, but it also helps
treat it.

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