What makes a complete Garden service?


What is it that you look for in a Garden Service? Yes there are all the usual requirements like reliability, professionalism and accountability, but we believe that there something else that makes a complete garden service.

We believe that versatility is a big factor and it takes something special to be able to competently service both Residential and Commercial property clients like Hibiscus Garden Services  do. So what makes a complete Garden service? – We believe it is competent versatility.

Our three pillars of service

We have three clearly defined areas of service and when combined, cover the full gambit of what constitutes a complete garden service. These three pillars of service offer the maintenance and cleaning of the following…

Industrial services

Even in an industrial area, the work environment can be beautiful, relaxing and pristine all at once. Hibiscus does a complete inspection of each and every job site to determine a schedule that keeps the work space as clean and safe as possible.

A complete Garden service needs to be both productive and cost effective and maintain a good personal relationship with the employer. The complete service is efficient, thorough and most importantly ensures they understand the exact requirements of the client to get every job right first time.

Commercial services

Apart from obviously ensuring that office parks are attractive and beautifully kept, we understand that the commercial world is all about the bottom line. This is where our versatility is such a big factor in being a complete service.

We offer a wide variety of services to meet all commercial cleaning needs. Many companies employ full time cleaning professionals and often pay for employee benefits and hours of non-productivity. This is where we, as outsourced professionals, can save commercial clients a lot of money. You pay only for the service we deliver!

Residential services

In housing complexes and estates it is mostly about maintenance and the standard gardening services are usually required. We handle all of these competently, always accommodating the specific requirements of a residential lifestyle.

What many don’t know is that apart from all standard garden maintenance services we also create fire breaks, once again showing the versatility that makes us such a complete garden service.

30 years of service

Add to these three pillars of service the fact that we have 90 odd employees and that every account is personally overseen by our management and you’ll know why our performance always meets our commitment.

In over 30 years of service Hibiscus Garden Services have grown a loyal client base in Gauteng. Contact us to become one of them and have the peace of mind of knowing that you have a COMPLETE grounds and property service and maintenance partner.

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