Summer Gardening Tips

Summer can be an exciting month for gardening when you think about everything that’s in season.
But your garden can also suffer in summer. Learn how to keep your plants as bright and sunny as the
weather with these summer gardening tips:

1. Watering:
Be waterwise – use drip irrigation when possible and water early or late in the day –
particularly when using sprinklers. Stick your finger in the soil to the middle joint to see if
your plants are thirsty. Water plants during the early morning and early afternoon as wet
foliage at night can lead to mould and mildew, so it is very important to give plants time to

2. Add some shade:
Plants are nature’s own air conditioner. Areas under trees can be up to 20 degrees cooler
than sunny spots. Plant a tree to shade your patio or deck. Place a fountain or a portable
water feature near your patio for a cooling effect.

3. Keep pollinators happy:
Insects are crucial for pollination of plants. Include a selection of plants in your garden that
will bloom over the growing season to attract birds, butterflies and bees. Visit your nearest
nursery to find out which variety of plants are most suitable for your area.

4. Make sure you prune:
Remove any dead or damaged debris as they block airflow and growth. Pruning will help
encourage steady growth and build healthy plants. Make sure to catch weeds as they thrive
off summer heat and steal nutrients and water from other plants.

5. Feed your plants:
Plants need more that just water to keep them strong during the summertime. Place extra
nutrients in your beds and around plants to help the soil retain moisture en keep plants
insulated from high temperatures. It is very important to feed plants throughout the

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