How to get your garden into tip top shape this spring

With Spring just around the corner, your garden is going to need some serious TLC! The winter
recovery period starts now – here are some tips for you to get your garden in tip top shape again:

1. Trim old plants:
Plants that survived winter get pruned so that they can grow again in the spring. Pruning
should take place right after plants bloom to avoid cutting off future flowers. Make sure to
prune summer plants in early spring. The sooner you clean out the beds, the less chance you
have of stepping on the growing plants and damaging them.

2. Tidy up your garden:
Remove all leaves and have a general tidy-up to remove debris from flower beds and
borders. Remove all weeds and put the dead organic soil into compost or bin to break down.
Make sure you put all compost or recycled organics into green waste so that we can come
and remove it. The same clean-up method applies for your trees and bushes. Trim off any
broken or dead branches and prune and shape the tree.

3. Remove garden pests:
Remove pests that will cause damage to your plants this Spring. This will save you a lot of
trouble when you start planting those flowers that larvae love. Destroy any pests using
parasitic chemicals.

4. Prep your garden tools:
It’s almost time to use your garden tools again after they have been lying around all winter
long. Clean off the tools with water and soap to make sure they are ready for the job when
Spring arrives. Cleaning your tools with mineral spirits will help prevent the wood from

5. Plan your garden:
Check your garden to see which flowers and vegetables will work best for your location: You
can head to your nearest nursery to get recommendations from experts. Mix different
flowers to keep colour in your garden and refrain from planting taller plants that can block
the sun from shorter ones.

Be sure to contact us for a quotation to get your garden in tip-top condition and keep it that way!
Feel free to give us a call on (011) 869 8991 for more information.

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