Garden Clean Ups: Benefits of a clean, maintained garden

Garden clean ups can prevent pests, weed seed and diseases from overwintering and prevents problems when temperatures are warm. Cleaning out your garden for winter also allows you to spend more time on the fun aspects of gardening in spring and provides a clean slate for perennials and vegetables to grow. Below you can find four benefits of a clean, maintained garden:

  1. Removal of leaves:

Removal of leaves improves the appearance of your garden and while some leaves are good for the turf, too much may prevent sunlight from reaching the turf which will cause it to dry out. Excess leaves may also cause fungal diseases.

  1. Trimming of branches:

During the winter, the weather may damage tree branches, but carefully removing the dangerous limbs can improve the tree’s health. Perennials should be trimmed before new growth begins, and finally your garden will have a tidy appereance.

  1. Clean-Ups keeps your plants healthy:

Regular removal of dead branches and leaves keep plants and grass healthy and fresh. It also allows sunshine which stimulates growth. Don’t worry about the waste – Hibiscus will get rid of it effortlessly and effectively.

  1. It is easy to maintain your garden:

At Hibiscus, we get rid of huge amounts of garden waste that needs to be cleaned away which makes it very easy to maintain your garden. Fill up your bin with green waste and let us take care of the rest!

A garden that is cleaned frequently increases the fire safety of your home and keeps away unwanted animals and pests. Pruning is highly beneficial as it keeps the plants healthy and growing. Visit our website at for other articles of interest and contact us to find out about the many ways we can alleviate any problems that you may have with ensuring that your gardens or communal areas are compliant and in excellent condition.

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