Fire breaks: Guidelines to keep your home safe from fires

Fires can happen anywhere and anytime, but fire breaks can be provided in various ways like regular burning of grassland, adding prescribed burned stands, scraping of firebreaks or hand clearing fire breaks. Here are some other useful tips to keep your home safe from fires:

  1. Build a slope:

If you have a sloping site, it might be a good idea to build stone or concrete walls to prevent fire from spreading up or down the hill. A low stone wall can create an easily accessible planting bed for fire-resistant plants.

  1. Make use of dividers:

If you use brick or paver pathways to divide your garden, it will help prevent fire from spreading across your landscape. Make sure your paths are at least 1.2 meters wide.

  1. Clean your garden:

Keep your garden free of any dead or dying branches to avoid fires. Whenever you walk through the garden, be sure to clip away those dead materials!

  1. Rake leaves:

Rake and remove all dry leaves from your garden as they can quickly turn into a raging fire. It’s also best to remove them without lighting them on fire.

  1. Select fire-resistant plants:

There are some plants that are more resistant to a burn than others. Make use of low-growing plants with a high level of moisture in their leaves – your garden can still be colourful with these plants!

As a responsible and professional gardening service with many years of experience, we at Hibiscus Gardening Services find that the preparation of firebreaks is yet another essential service that can be of help to our commercial and industrial customers. Visit our website at for other articles of interest and contact us to find out about the many ways we can alleviate any problems that you may have with ensuring that your gardens or communal areas are compliant and in excellent condition. Your peace of mind, after all, is our business!

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