Eight awesome, affordable ideas to liven up your landscape


It really doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg to put a few great things into your garden or office park to liven things up a little. We as a professional gardening service are often asked to come up with awesome landscaping ideas, without breaking the bank, so here are just a few. Some are obvious really, but often just not thought of …and when you combine a few lovely, lively things you can create a landscape you didn’t believe possible at an equally great price. So, here are eight awesome, affordable ideas to liven up your landscape!

  • What about a waterfall?

Waterfalls can be created very cheaply with just a little thought and ingenuity! Take an old clay pot, add some piping and have it pouring out into a barrel filled with beautiful flowers. A delightful feature …and so calming.

  • Just add a border

So often a simple flower bed can be livened up by just adding a little stone border. Just a coat of paint …or even natural stone can just add that eye-catching touch to a pretty flower bed.

  • Put a path in place

A few old planks painted or varnished, or once again a few pebbles or stones, can create a pathway to link lawns between planted areas. A simple pathway can do wonders to break up an otherwise boring landscape.

  • Lots of lights are a real delight!

Night lights are one of the most effective ways to turn a garden into a wonderland after the Sun has set. Very reasonably priced solar garden lights are now available, so the look is magical and the cost is minimal. Drape them in the trees, or use them as pointers on paths – either way night lights are a must!

  • A retaining wall with colour rocks!

An attractive retaining wall can be built around elevated flower beds – and why not find some rocks with varying colours to make it attractive, solid and a super landscaping feature?

  • Create your own island

Another way to break the boredom, particularly if you have lot of lawn, is to dig a bed right in the centre, plant a few trees of varying heights and surround them with some pretty ground plants or shrubbery to create the look of a beautiful island. It’s simple and costs no more than the plants you were going to use anyway.

  • Box the eyesores

Build a beautiful wooden box around eyesores like air-conditioning units – or even the garden hose! A few cheap planks and a coat of paint or varnish are all you need to build a house for these kinds of items and create a more attractive landscape.

  • Engage an affordable professional gardening service

There are many ways that a professional, experienced gardening service like Hibiscus garden service can save you money, particularly if you have a large commercial property. By ensuring the right things are being planted at the right times, maintaining valuable plants and lawns through winter months, giving great affordable landscaping ideas like these and practicing ‘water-wise’ procedures, to name a few, we ensure we are one of the best investments an office park, housing complex or even private homeowner can make!

We hope these eight awesome, affordable ideas to liven up your landscape have been helpful to you, or at least provided interesting reading! Why not contact us to find out about the full range of our services and to find out why we say ‘we create total peace of mind!’

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