Create an edible garden in your office park – it’s all the rage!


In recent articles we have alluded many times to the importance of creating eco-friendly
commercial office parks and residential estates. There are so many ways to make a
commercial landscape a place where workers can congregate for leisure activities, not the
least of which is gardening itself.
Research has shown great benefits to gardening, from a health and psychological point of
view. It is one of the best stress relievers and simply great for stretching and aerobic fitness.
Couple this with the ecological advantage of creating edible gardens and you have a
commercial garden that serves a much greater purpose than simply to beautify the
An edible garden of course serves the additional purpose of feeding the employees or the
local community – and let’s face it there’s something that’s just so satisfying about getting
involved in a project that ultimately creates a sustainable initiative. Given all that then – it’s
time to create an edible garden in your office park – it’s all the rage!

Edible garden initiatives

There is a lot more to these initiatives though than just a happier workforce. According to
one property developer “Incorporating agriculture into office and industrial parks can
provide multiple benefits for developers, property owners and tenants, including expedited
development approvals.”
In the USA In 2008, some people dabbling in organic gardening, managing small organic
farms or running community-supported agriculture initiatives, teamed up to create
‘Farmscape.’ Since its inception, Farmscape has designed and installed more than 700
projects across California! So this is a definite trend and one that is going to grow.
What does your edible garden grow?
According to a Farmscape spokesman it’s all about creating beautiful commercial spaces
combined with ecologically friendly plants that are also edible produce. One design they did
included “raised garden beds and a 12-tree orchard featuring mulberries, peaches, apples
and figs.” To attract the pollinators necessary for production, Farmscape added a border of
purple coneflower, blooming catmint, hot pink salvia and native yellow yarrow!
These are not all so freely available here is South Africa, but we have plenty local edible
garden replacements. All manner of herbs like Basil, Rosemary, Thyme and many others –
and of course veggies too numerous to list. These are all edibles – and then of course there
are trees too – many types of fruit trees and those that yield nuts.

Edible flowers

Of course the best way to produce a really pretty garden, that is edible too, is to grow edible
flowers of which there are a huge variety in South Africa. These include Nasturtiums,
Borage, Calendula, pansies, violas and lavender to mention just a few.

Get the experts to do it

Hibiscus Garden service can boast thirty years of service to our loyal Residential,
Commercial and Industrial garden service clients and although we efficiently provide all
standard garden service requirements, we also pride ourselves on flexibility and innovation.
Contact us to talk about whatever your specific gardening service requirements may be,
nothing is too big or too small, too mundane or too different. We handle it all – so why not
create an edible garden in your office park? – After all, it’s all the rage!

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