5 more ways gardens are going even greener


One thing that can be said for the Millennials, those who are now around 18 to 34yr olds, they are a nature loving sector of the population and gardening trends in 2019 like many others are leaning more and more to more ‘greener’ methods.

The ecology of the planet is threatened and gardening too can play its part in creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly globe. A Chester County-based Garden Media Group’s 2019 Garden Trends Report had this to say – “People are awakening to Mother Nature to find balance and peace – and they’re awakening to our responsibility to help save the Earth.”

Plants with a purpose

We have spoken before about these garden greening initiatives, but new ways are being found every day to spawn gardens and plants ‘with a purpose’ – and so here are 5 more ways gardens are going even greener! 

1) Composting – No longer is compost just an item bought off the shelves but compost is being created from kitchen food waste and garden waste and this is being greatly encouraged, to the extent that Cape Town’s municipality even gives away food composting bins.

It’s not rocket science, just pile it up and wait for it to rot and remember compost not only keeps waste out of landfills and the garbage disposal, it also yields a nutritious soil additive that improves drainage, adds life and organic matter to compacted soil and can even help fight some plant diseases!

2) Rain gardens – We can take action against rain flowing out of our properties, roofs, and sidewalks and washing pollution into our water systems. This is the idea of creating rain gardens – they collect and absorb runoff from drains etc. to soak into the soil as nature intended.

Rain gardens naturally protect water sources and look great – and they reduce water pollution!

3) Nature lite gardens – also known as ‘naturalistic planting,’ this is a style of gardening that encourages the co-existence of native and non-native plants in a setting inspired by the free-flowing nature of nature itself.

By its very nature, a garden isn’t really natural because people have undone nature by imposing their own will on what to plant, so a naturalistic garden according to one report is “one that evokes nature and allows a 50-50 mix of indigenous and non- indigenous plants.”

4) Pollinator gardens – It turns out the makers of the movie ‘Bugz life’ were right – not all bugs are bad! In fact, the vast majority of bugs are either beneficial to nature or at least neutral.

An new approach is to, instead of regularly spraying the whole landscape to kill off bugs, be planting to encourage bugs – especially the pollinating kind like wasps, bees and humming birds, who are of course vital to the balance of our ecology!

5) Eco friendly commercial garden services – Residential estates, Commercial and Industrial office parks are using more eco-friendly garden services like Hibiscus garden service to ensure that they are in step with the global ‘greening’ initiative. We are acutely aware of the importance of zero wastage planting and maintenance – and of course water saving, amongst other eco-friendly practices.

We hope this article on 5 more ways gardens are going even greener has been enlightening. Why not contact us to find out more about our comprehensive range of garden services and become one of the loyal and very satisfied customers we have been serving for over 30 years!

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